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These were used to connect it to the Future module- Airlock Spur. The Raffaello module was unberthed from Endeavour at 1701 GMT on December 8 and berthed to the Unity module of the station at 1755 UTC.STS-108 cargo bay payload was dominated by the Raffaello (MPLM-2) logistics module with 4 RSP and eight RSR resupply racks. STS-102 carried the Leonardo Multi Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), constructed by Alenia Spazio (Torino), to the International Space Station. Leonardo, built by Alenia Spazio in Torino, additionally flew on STS-102 and STS-105. Flew once around the station earlier than departing at 0548 GMT. The FSS first flew on STS 41-C (the Solar Max Repair). The crew put in in the station two new science experiment racks that have been carried in the Leonardo container which was first lifted out of the shuttle and bolted to the Unity module. This was the first flight of Columbia because the launch of Chandra in 1999 following refurbishment. WSVFM measured vibration throughout launch.

On this flight it carried the ACS digital camera up (and the FOS camera down) as properly because the NCS cryocooler, the PCU-R energy controller, the Cash wire harness, and the thermal covers used in the PCU replacement. The OMS engines fired for the deorbit burn at 0625 GMT on March 21, and Discovery touched down on runway 15 at Kennedy Space Center at 0731 GMT. The orbiter fired its OMS engines at 1221 GMT to raise the orbit to 185 x 219 km. Atlantis fired its OMS engines at apogee to raise its perigee to 155 km. Payload: Atlantis F26 / S1. Launch delayed from March 22, April 4. House Shuttle Atlantis entered an orbit of roughly 59 x 229 km x 51.6 deg at 2052 UTC, and separated from the Exterior Tank, ET-114. Discovery landed at Kennedy Area Middle at 1822:Fifty eight GMT on August 22 on runway 15, after a deorbit burn at 1715 GMT. Payload: Discovery F30 / Leonardo. Payload: Endeavour F16 / Raffaello, Canadarm-2. Payload: Atlantis F24 / Quest. STS-104 was an American ISS Assembly shuttle flight with a crew of 5 American astronauts and a serious area station module, the Quest Airlock. The Airlock could possibly be pressurized by the externally-mounted high pressure oxygen-nitrogen tanks, and was to be the sole unit through which all future EVAs had been to happen.

It consisted of an Equipment Lock for storage and the Crew Lock, based mostly on the Shuttle airlock. The 6.4 m x 4.6 m cylindrical LMPLM delivered new tools to Future, and retrieved used/undesirable tools, and trash again to the shuttle. Extensive graphing and reporting on your glucose readings, food, weight, blood pressure and other data with the intention to study traits and discover patterns. When your blood glucose rises, in a “regular” individual, insulin might be produced to deal with it. Does the other of insulin. STS 102 was an American shuttle spacecraft that carried a crew of seven astronauts (six American and one Russian). The STS 102 left behind three of the astronauts (two American and one Russian) and introduced back the three astronauts (one American and two Russian) who had been inhabiting the ISS for about four and a half months. One Russian to the International House Station (ISS). When you have a bottle of retailer purchased ear drops with alcohol, you can add an equal quantity of white vinegar to the answer that’s in that bottle. Will be ready to know your points.