VAN LIFE in a PANDEMIC should we abandon the van

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As this global pandemic has hit the world, we find ourselves in South America. Thankfully, Argentina, the country we're in, has acted quickly, instilling a quarantine with only a few hundred cases. But, that means that very few travelers were able to leave the country before the lockdown began, even if they wanted to. As vanlifers, we are fortunate to have our home with us, but we don't have an address. Thankfully, a local hostel has let us park in the back and use their facilities, making it possible for us to observe this national quarantine within the law. However, the US embassy is working to repatriate US citizens who are currently in Argentina. With our broken van, we are unsure whether to abandon our van without a safe place to leave it and go home, or stick it out in Argentina and wait until the global pandemic has ended. Today we bring you through our range of emotions when considering these two potential scenarios.

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